Blasting Away



I love Blast 900. I attended classes pretty regularly from mid-November to the end of January, and then I got busy at work (and a few other personal distractions). It was difficult for me attend my regular 6 PM class. I started going back last week– I’m so glad I did! I forgot how great the class is to get a good workout in. Now don’t get me wrong, Blast 900 is a super difficult workout packed into 60 minutes. I actually do burn 900 calories during my classes, but it’s simple because the instructor tells you and shows you what to do. You just do what he or she says, and you’ll get an incredible workout in. The class is also so great for stress. After the class, my mind is clear and focused. I may leave class worn out, but I leave smiling and happy.

The other really cool part of Blast is how much the instructors care about everyone who goes to the class. I’m usually the largest girl in class. I’ll never be the fastest, and I’m pretty sure I have terrible form. But the instructors treat me like everyone else in the class (and I never feel out of place). When I walked in today, Paige welcomed me back without any hestitation. She also called me out during the workout and said, “Kim’s back. We missed you!” How cool is that? I doubt the instructors at LA Fitness will ever know my name– and they certainly won’t remember it!

I was honestly embarrassed by not going for a while, but I left proud I went back.

What keeps you motivated?



P.S. The owner of Blast also commented on my Instagram feed tonight. How extra cool is that? I love it!



Stepping Up


So, Jessica and I have been interval running outside and at the gym. Running outside on pavement was really tough for me, because my legs were getting super sore. I didn’t like running on the treadmill at first. I’ve always had a fear of falling off of a treadmill (and I totally would fall!), but I’ve gotten the hang of it. I actually enjoy being able to pace myself and see how many seconds of running I left before I can walk. We were doing timed intervals of running and now we switch from running to walking every .25 miles. We work out together at LA Fitness, and I’ll work out by myself at Planet Fitness across the street from me. We run outside about once a week.

I am signing up for the running class in September. I feel like I could have better form, and I could make it easier. I also feel like I need to really start learning more about working out and how to get better at it. I still get winded pretty easily, but it’s not as bad when I started. I know I would benefit from actually applying techniques and being more calculated with my work outs. OH, I did start swimming at my complex. I was shocked by how winded I get from just swimming laps, but I enjoy it a lot. Swimming is probably my favorite way to work out so far (haven’t tried a Zumba class yet!).

I have totally failed at eating better, though. How do I stick with healthy eating? What helps you stick with it? I’m totally losing this battle. I’ll keep trying until it sticks, but I have a feeling healthy eating will be a lifelong battle for me.

And look! Jessica just finished her first race!


P.S. A special shout out to Jessica. She’s helped push, and yes it literally was pushing me at times, to stick with this and keep trying. I asked her to push me, and she really is pushing me. Thank you, Jessica!

P.S.S. I think about blogging all the time. But when I think about it, the time I have to blog, I’m working out. So, don’t get too mad at me for not blogging everyday. ;P (Okay, I’ll try to do it weekly!)