Jeremy’s One Pan Meal (Breakfast!)


jermmealMy friend Jeremy is one of the best cooks I know, and he cooks amazing Southern food. Lately, he’s been getting into shape. I follow, and long for (seriously!), his food on IG and Facebook. He knows I love his food, and he sent me this message of Facebook,┬á“I made this little gem this morning. Turkey bacon, 2 eggs scrambled with fat free cream cheese peppers, onions, and sharp cheddar.”He continued, “And yes. I have decided that you don’t need 2 pieces of bacon or even 3. What I do it take one piece and I chop it up and then I scramble it in with my eggs so you get all the flavor and happiness of the smokey bacon but at much less cost.” It’s a simple one pan meal! I can’t wait to try it this weekend!

For exercise, he plays a lot of golf. It’s important to remember exercise can be about staying active with activities you love. You don’t have to go to a gym and spend hours on a treadmill. Personally, I cannot wait to hiking in North Georgia this summer. I love how Jeremy is getting in shape by cooking simple, yet delicious, meals and keeping exercise simple. He’s going to look great by summer!


Cleansing the Soul


Over the weekend, I started taking the Vitamin Code Raw One for Women daily vitamin created by Dr. Jordan Rubin. Vitamin Code Raw One For Women is uncooked, untreated and unadulterated. It is RAW, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains┬áno binders and no fillers. It’s a little spendy (buy it online!), but it’s the only daily vitamin I’ve tried that doesn’t hurt my stomach. Vitamins are so important! Even if you eat right, most health professionals recommend extra vitamins. I am partial to gummy vitamins (what?!? they’re almost like candy!), but I’m making an exception for superior quality.

I’m also checking out their Perfect Cleanse. Now cleanses kinda, sorta, really scare me. I tried one from Whole Foods one time, and it made me so sick. My stomach hurt for days! I haven’t had any issues with the perfect cleanse. I’m on day 5 of the 10 days cleanse, and it seems to be doing it’s job well without any pain or discomfort. It really is a new way to cleanse! I must admit, though, one of the steps is a powder. They give you the option of drinking it with water or juice. I highly recommend drinking it with juice or almond milk. It tastes absolutely disgusting in water! Don’t do it!! Anyhow, I am excited to remove toxins from my body and give it a fresh start. Here’s to a happy colon!

On a good note, I am still Blasting away, and I’ve been meeting with my trainer, too. My coworkers and friends are starting to really notice my weight loss (how cool is that?!). I’m definitely noticing my muscles! It’s weird having muscles when I’ve never, ever had any definition anywhere before. Anddd I officially have 202 blog followers! I was so surprised to see that today. Howdy, all 202 0f you!!


I’m Not Thatttt Big


For years, I’ve avoided photos of myself. When I look at a photo of myself, I see how big I truly am. I don’t really see how big I am when I look in the mirror, though. I’ve gone as far as hiding photos other people take from me or deleting them altogether from their phones or cameras. I do feel like my shoulders and a few other parts of my body are slimming down, but I feel like lately I am noticing how large my stomach is more and more. I get a little mad at myself for letting myself get this big without really caring about it. Has my stomach always been this large? I look pregnant! Look!


Realizing how large I truly am helped me push me through my work out tonight. I spent a good few hours at the gym doing cardio, the weight machines, and some of Mike’s ab exercises. It felt good. I even took an after work out thumps up pic (add me on Instagram!).

thumbs up


I have to remind myself that this isn’t a get fixed quick kind of thing… This is a journey. I need to accept who I am now so I can create who I wan to be in the future.┬á

Working It!


I worked out with a trainer on Monday. His name his Mike, and he’s joining the military soon, but I am going to train with him twice a week until he ┬áleaves next month. I am hoping training with him will help me reach my 10k goal for next month. After he leaves, I’ll probably find another trainer to work out with once a week to teach me how to work out (and help push me further!). There were times I truly felt like I couldn’t do it, but I closed my eyes and ┬ájust pushed through the weight machines. Literally, parts of me I didn’t know I had were burning! Now I know how hard I should be pushing myself, too.

I’ve also kept up with my food prep. I am teaching a coworker how to food prep tomorrow, too.

Me working out (and Mike’s info!)!


Oh boy! I’m getting slimmer.


My “Saturday Weigh In” was this morning. I lost 3 pounds this week! I was really surprised, but I couldn’t be more pleased. After the weigh in, Lindsey and I worked out at LA Fitness. We did 30 minutes on the treadmill, and it felt really good. I always feel like I’m going to fall off the treadmill and land on my butt, though. Is that just me or does everyone feel that way?

After the treadmill, we checked out the weight machines. The weight machines have always scared me, because I really don’t know how to use them.Plus, there’s lots of people (okay… men) standing around staring. It was fun with Lindsey, though. She showed me how to work out my lower body, and I actually enjoyed it. The weights are a mental challenge, and I actually like them more than cardio. We did another ten minutes of cardio before we left for the today. We’re headed back tomorrow morning for more cardio and to work out our upper bodies.

But here’s to losing weight!