I won my first race!



My shiny new medal!

This weekend Tricia and I ran the Livvy’s Love 5k out in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It was neat running a race so close to Stone Mountain, even at a mere 27 degrees. Yes, it was 27 degrees when we ran our race! When I woke up and saw how cold it was outside, I honestly thought of canceling. Then I remembered what the race is all about– giving back to the community after a little girl lost her life in a tragic school bus accident– And I knew I couldn’t cancel. I layered my clothes like crazy and put a smile on my face. My asthma is triggered by the cold, so this was a concern for me during the race. I simply walked when my wheezing and breathing got out of hand. Asthma wasn’t keeping this chick down!

Running the race with Tricia was really fun. She’s a bit faster and has better breathing than I do, but she’d say, “how about we run to next tree” or say, “how about we run again” to get my back from walking faster. She encouraged me to run more at the beginning of the race, but she suggested running at a slower pace so we could walk less and run more (good idea!). By the time we turned around at the half way point, I had warmed up and we sprinted to the finish line. I was so surprised when we ran the race in 35 minutes!! We ran a 11 minute mile! When I ran my last race in October, I was at a 15 minute mile. I was so excited to see how well we did. When I saw the numbers at the finish line, I pushed to finish at top speed.

Before the race began, a local Zumba instructor warmed up the crowd. She also held Zumba classes during and after the race. There was food and a meet and greet after the race. While it was still super cold, I wanted to stay and soak up the amazing atmosphere a little longer. I wanted to feel the energy be around everyone who cares so much about the cause of the Livvy’s Love foundation. I encouraged Trisha, heavily encouraged, Tricia to stay just a little bit longer for the award handouts. To our amazement, they called my name for first place in my age group. Trica won second for her age group! We both thought it was hilarious, because we totally didn’t think we’d win. We called her mom after, and she asked, “Were you the only ones in your age group?” Maybe, but we still won!

I was amazed at how much faster I ran from October– seeing my new pace gave me the confidence to get back outside and run again.


Before the race… So cold!!


Trica receiving her medal from the founders of the Livvy’s Love Foundation. Such amazing people! I can’t wait to run next year!


In Love


Stone Mountain

In love. In love. In love. I absolutely adore Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain is just outside of Atlanta, GA. It’s a little amusement park next to a huge quartz dome. You can hike the dome, and at the top, there’s a wonderful view of Atlanta and the nearby mountains (if you go on a super clear day). There’s a sky tram up to the top if you do not want to hike to the top, but the hike is challenging. It’s an excellent form of exercise. There’s also a 5 mile loop around the mountain where locals walk and run on a daily basis. I love how Stone Mountain has incorporated healthy living into their theme park.

I’m all about getting outdoors. I struggle with working out at the gym, because I’d much rather be outdoors. My friend Kimball and I walked the park yesterday for exercise. We jogged down the mountain, actually. It’s interesting to do, because there are so many random rocks to jump down from. I’m surprised we didn’t fall! Once we were all the way down, we had to walk 1.1 miles to our car. We got a good workout in! I enjoyed mixing it up and getting in a different type of exercise. I feel like mixing it up will keep me interested, but it will also work other muscle groups for a more well rounded work out routine.

Atlanta has been so rainy this spring and summer, so I haven’t gotten outside much. I want to find a few trails in the mountains to hike before winter sets in. Stay tuned… I’ll post pics!

P.S. Posting from my patio (doggy under my feet)!