Happy New Year


foodprep988I wanted to write a super awesome New Years post about my resolutions and goals this year, but that’ll have to come later. I’m pretty tuckered out from all the New Year festivities. Above you can see a then and now picture from Thanksgiving, and you can see some of my progress. Especially now, I am definitely seeing progress. Yesterday I went clothes shopping, and I had to put back all the size extra large and large shirts. I had to buy mediums! When I started my journey, I was a size 1XL! I was plus size, and now I’m a medium. It doesn’t seem real yet, I’m super excited to keep up the exercise and food prep and see my results throughout the year.

Slim by summer! <— That’s my resolution/goal!!


And to not take life so seriously. 


My food preps have gotten pretty good, huh? Happy New Year! Stay dedicated!


Jessica, Christina, & TJ Did It!!!



Yesterday, at a mere 32 degrees, Jessica, Christina, and TJ (and maybe a few thousand others) ran the Atlanta Half Marathon. Excuse me, I mean, they killed the Atlanta Half Marathon! Not only did they run 13.1 miles, they ran 13.1 super, super, super, crazy hilly miles! Jessica’s boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I went out to cheer them on. It was awesome to see everyone come over the finish line all excited. I was also amazed to see a huge number of senior citizens running the race. I was awestruck to see so many senior citizens celebrate at the end of the race. It was totally worth getting up early and having a freezing face! And, who knows, maybe I’ll run next year! My Blast 900 class is whooping me into shape! 

Check out Jessica finishing the race (look how great she looks after running a half marathon!) and a few other Race Day photos!


I’ll leave you with a photo of me getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner (so much to be thankful for this year!), and a photo of what happens when you don’t invite a certain very, very spoiled dog (Sophie *cough, cough*) to Thanksgiving dinner!



Feeling Thankful



Jessica is right. It is important for athletes and runners to see the crowd cheering them on during a big race. It is also important for me to be able to cheer on others who I look up to for their strengths and abilities. Therefore, I am going to cheer Jessica and Christina on at the finish line at the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day. They were also so patient with me while I was starting out, and I am very thankful for their kind words during my time of struggle. I hope my cheers help them just a little bit to finish the race on their big day. I also hope the other runners are happy to see the big crowds, too. I made a Thanksgiving themed sign. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Please remember what’s important during this time of year– tell everyone you care about you love them and appreciate them– and do your part in inspiring others, as well!


Who’s that lady?



This week I fit into size medium work out pants. I was super excited, because I was in a size extra large just a few months ago. I was pretty stoked when they fit (and looked good!). I’ve found with my weight loss it’s the little surprises that keep me going. It was easier to push myself the next day through my group run knowing I’m actually getting smaller. I am truly seeing if I stick with this, and keep on trucking, I will see results. Seeing results is awesome, because if I wasn’t seeing results, it’d be hard to stick with the routine (just being honest!).

I stuck with my work outs this week. I ran and did my homework for my training class, and we ran 8 miles on Saturday.  Let me repeat that, we ran 8 miles on Saturday!! That’s a lot!! This was the first week I did my training runs completely outside and not on the treadmill. Running outside is so much more difficult, and so much worse on my legs, than running on a treadmill. Once Saturday came, though, my legs were still sore from the week. I struggled to keep up, because my legs were so tight and sore. One of the coaches walked with me for a bit. We stretched once we were warmed up, and then we continued our interval running/walking until the finished. I was glad for the extra encouragement, and I learned I need to listen to my body. I can only push it so far before I push it too far, and I don’t want to cause any injuries (or permanent damage). I’ve become friends with my after run routine: stretch, foam roll, ice, and bengay. This routine is my life saver, and it really helps my legs! This week in personal training, my trainer had me do weights for my upper body. I loved it! It was difficult, but it was more enjoyable than cardio. I am looking forward to getting stronger, too!

My diet has been pretty good, and I’ve been on the hunt for new recipes. I think I need to mix it up a bit. I’m going to start tracking my food to really see if I’m getting all the nutrients I need.

Also, I’m getting addicted to IG. Check me out there @kimtoslim! I post a few times a day. 🙂

Here’s some pics from this week!



Nailed It


working it

Today I worked out with @cecilia_parreira (find her on Instagram!). She’s Mike’s partner, and I really enjoyed the work out. I do have chin splints, so we slowed down my speed but upped the incline. I do did get winded and got a good workout in, but the workout wasn’t as severe on my body (which was nice). I guess I do have to admit I was totally out of shape when I started all of this, and I need to really start from the beginning. Heck, when Lindsey and I started walking in May, I couldn’t walk for 30 seconds at a brisk pace without getting winded. My heart actually hurt when I tried to push it too quickly (that’s when I realized I need to get up and exercise more). We’re going to run outside on Wednesday. I have issues with running outside on the pavement, so I am looking forward to her tips. Stay tuned!

I also food prepped tonight, and I’ve been sipping water out of my new favorite water bottle. I actually drink more water when I enjoy the water bottle I’m drinking out of… I know, I know. I’m weird. 🙂


Last, but certainly not least, I’ve discovered icing my legs. It totally burns while doing it, but it actually helps. Who knew?


P.S. SEE… I’m figuring this exercise thing out!!

Doing It Wrong



These photos inspired me today! I have my Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter all following healthy posts. I look through my feeds before getting up in the morning, and the inspiration helps me throughout the day. Instant inspiration!

But I totally think I am running wrong. Running outside is still incredibly difficult for me, and I think it’s because I am running without proper form. I am sure it will take me awhile to build up my endurance and muscles, but I feel like I am in more pain now than before I started. I am meeting my temporary trainer (he’s leaving soon) Mike and his trainer friend at Piedmont Park tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t rain, because I am super excited to get 2:1 training on how to become a better runner. I’ll keep you posted!!

Also, Jessica and I are going to our first yoga class this Thursday. I’ve gone to a hot yoga class in Houston, but I’ve never been to a regular class. I bought a yoga mat today. I’m super stoked! I’m also stoked about the new cardio DVD I bought tonight. If anyone can teach this chick to dance, it’d be Madonna!


Last but not least (because who doesn’t like to shop?!), I got some great deals on athletic clothes. I love thrift store hunting on the weekends, and I found a brand new zip up sweater for $3. I also found some yoga pants at Target on sale for $5. I also bought five more of my tank tops, because I have a feeling they’ll disappear once winter kicks in. I wear them under another shirt right now, but I am hoping I’ll feel comfortable enough to just wear them soon. I do just wear the tank top out running with Jessica. It was 5 AM and dark, though. I don’t think that counts.



Have a wonderful and healthy labor day!

In Love


Stone Mountain

In love. In love. In love. I absolutely adore Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain is just outside of Atlanta, GA. It’s a little amusement park next to a huge quartz dome. You can hike the dome, and at the top, there’s a wonderful view of Atlanta and the nearby mountains (if you go on a super clear day). There’s a sky tram up to the top if you do not want to hike to the top, but the hike is challenging. It’s an excellent form of exercise. There’s also a 5 mile loop around the mountain where locals walk and run on a daily basis. I love how Stone Mountain has incorporated healthy living into their theme park.

I’m all about getting outdoors. I struggle with working out at the gym, because I’d much rather be outdoors. My friend Kimball and I walked the park yesterday for exercise. We jogged down the mountain, actually. It’s interesting to do, because there are so many random rocks to jump down from. I’m surprised we didn’t fall! Once we were all the way down, we had to walk 1.1 miles to our car. We got a good workout in! I enjoyed mixing it up and getting in a different type of exercise. I feel like mixing it up will keep me interested, but it will also work other muscle groups for a more well rounded work out routine.

Atlanta has been so rainy this spring and summer, so I haven’t gotten outside much. I want to find a few trails in the mountains to hike before winter sets in. Stay tuned… I’ll post pics!

P.S. Posting from my patio (doggy under my feet)!


I’m Not Thatttt Big


For years, I’ve avoided photos of myself. When I look at a photo of myself, I see how big I truly am. I don’t really see how big I am when I look in the mirror, though. I’ve gone as far as hiding photos other people take from me or deleting them altogether from their phones or cameras. I do feel like my shoulders and a few other parts of my body are slimming down, but I feel like lately I am noticing how large my stomach is more and more. I get a little mad at myself for letting myself get this big without really caring about it. Has my stomach always been this large? I look pregnant! Look!


Realizing how large I truly am helped me push me through my work out tonight. I spent a good few hours at the gym doing cardio, the weight machines, and some of Mike’s ab exercises. It felt good. I even took an after work out thumps up pic (add me on Instagram!).

thumbs up


I have to remind myself that this isn’t a get fixed quick kind of thing… This is a journey. I need to accept who I am now so I can create who I wan to be in the future. 

Me? A Runner? Yes!


So, I’ve always secretly wanted to be a runner. When I drive by a runner, I’m always awestruck by their determinatoin and dedication. They just seem to have their life together and have the ability to stick to things. I know that’s a huge generalization, but I just assume if someone gets up and runs everyday, they probably excel in other area of their life, too. I’ve wanted to be that person, and I’ve never been able to become that person. Well, lately, I’ve been really trying to fix a lot of things I’ve screwed up in my life, and I’ve really been trying to get into better shape is one of the things I’m trying to fix.

My friend Jessica asked me if I’d like to train for the Atlanta Half Marathon with her in the mornings before work. Jessica’s best friend successfully lost weight a few years back, and now she runs and participates in marathons. I’ve always admired her for actually doing it. She did. She stuck to it, and she did it. I know it doesn’t sound hard if you’re not over weight and don’t know how it feels, but it’s literally painful to go from no exercise to a lot of exercise. When running in the past, I’d get winded and my legs would hurt. Once the pain kicked in, I’d stop running. I never stuck to it for more than a few runs.

This time we’re running together. I can’t ignore the clock at 4:30 AM, because I know someone is waiting for me (which is a huge deal because I am SO not a morning person!). We run two days during the week and on Sunday. Once my calves catch up, I’ll start adding in more days. The back of my legs hurt really bad, so we went and got fitted for proper running shoes. Jessica went with me Big Peach Running Co. I’m glad she went with or I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going on my own. As an overweight person, I don’t want to be the only fat person in an athletic store. I fear I’ll be judged, but I just have to get over that thinking and try anyway. To my surprise, they were really helpful and nice. They even showed me a new way to tie my shoes that’s more supportive on my ankles. I actually had a really fun time. They have a beginning runner class where they show you proper form and how to stretch. I am signing up for it.

I also went out and bought a foam roller for my calf pain. It really works! I feel like I can work through the pain knowing I have the foam roller to help with the pain after the run. I also got a water bottle that stays on my hand, supportive socks, and shorts. I never, ever, ever wear shorts, but it gets really hot by the end of our runs. Jessica bought us reflective wrist bands since it’s dark out when we run, and she brings her dog, Skipper, along with us. On our off days, I now find myself wanting to run! When I’m stressed out, I want to go run or exercise rather than devour a Big Mac. I know this won’t happen over night, but I’m finally seeing the changes in myself I’ve wanted to change.

I’m pretty proud of myself (and Jessica!). Jessica’s friend is joining us for the half marathon on Thanksgiving Day. We’re going to earn our turkey this year!

Check out the awesome new shoes!