Below you’ll find my goals from the very end of 2013 and for the entire year of 2014. I know I won’t hit many of my new goals until  near the end of 2014, but I’m super stoked to meet them (already started!!). If I didn’t conquer a goal in 2013, it automatically rolls over as a goal into 2014. In 2015, I’d like to run a race with my big sister, Heather. Let’s do this!

2014 Goals

1. Become a certified nutritionist

2. Become a certified personal trainer

3. Teach a fitness class

4. Release a recipe e-book

5. Reach my ideal weight

2013 Goals

1. Run in running group

2. Wear a tank top in public (Not yet!)

3. Work out with a trainer

4. Run for 20 minutes straight (Not quite there yet)

5. Run a 10k race

6. Run a half marathon (Long way off!)

7. Go to a Zumba class

8. Reach BMI less than “obese”

9. Be able to shop at Ann Taylor (again)

10. Wear a size 12 in pants

11. Wear a size 8 in pants (Almost there!)

12. Food prep for an entire week

14. Wear shorts in public

15. Get professional photos (and like them!) (This would be fun!!)

16. To be happy and comfortable in who I am

19. Wear a dress & feel confident

20. Wear a bathing suit in public 

21. Food prep for a month straight


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