10k? Check!


I ran a 10k this weekend! Jessica, Christina, and I ran the Sandy Springs Lightning 10k. How cool is that? Me… A 10k? It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t quick, but I did it! And, really, who wants to be quick easy? I kid! The week before we did 7.34 miles in our training class, so I knew I could do the 10k, but I’m still really surprised with myself. I’m still really surprised I did 7 miles, too! It just seems like a such a large number. This weekend we are running 8 miles. I’m trying really hard to get my weekly runs in. I’d like to get faster. I know speed times time, but I do wish I could just snap my fingers and be lightning fast! I’ll get there, though. There was a time a few months ago where one mile seemed super, super hard. So, I know it does get easier.

It’s getting easier. It’s getting more enjoyable, too.

66 days to the half marathon!!


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