Nailed It

working it

Today I worked out with @cecilia_parreira (find her on Instagram!). She’s Mike’s partner, and I really enjoyed the work out. I do have chin splints, so we slowed down my speed but upped the incline. I do did get winded and got a good workout in, but the workout wasn’t as severe on my body (which was nice). I guess I do have to admit I was totally out of shape when I started all of this, and I need to really start from the beginning. Heck, when Lindsey and I started walking in May, I couldn’t walk for 30 seconds at a brisk pace without getting winded. My heart actually hurt when I tried to push it too quickly (that’s when I realized I need to get up and exercise more). We’re going to run outside on Wednesday. I have issues with running outside on the pavement, so I am looking forward to her tips. Stay tuned!

I also food prepped tonight, and I’ve been sipping water out of my new favorite water bottle. I actually drink more water when I enjoy the water bottle I’m drinking out of… I know, I know. I’m weird. 🙂


Last, but certainly not least, I’ve discovered icing my legs. It totally burns while doing it, but it actually helps. Who knew?


P.S. SEE… I’m figuring this exercise thing out!!


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