Me? A Runner? Yes!

So, I’ve always secretly wanted to be a runner. When I drive by a runner, I’m always awestruck by their determinatoin and dedication. They just seem to have their life together and have the ability to stick to things. I know that’s a huge generalization, but I just assume if someone gets up and runs everyday, they probably excel in other area of their life, too. I’ve wanted to be that person, and I’ve never been able to become that person. Well, lately, I’ve been really trying to fix a lot of things I’ve screwed up in my life, and I’ve really been trying to get into better shape is one of the things I’m trying to fix.

My friend Jessica asked me if I’d like to train for the Atlanta Half Marathon with her in the mornings before work. Jessica’s best friend successfully lost weight a few years back, and now she runs and participates in marathons. I’ve always admired her for actually doing it. She did. She stuck to it, and she did it. I know it doesn’t sound hard if you’re not over weight and don’t know how it feels, but it’s literally painful to go from no exercise to a lot of exercise. When running in the past, I’d get winded and my legs would hurt. Once the pain kicked in, I’d stop running. I never stuck to it for more than a few runs.

This time we’re running together. I can’t ignore the clock at 4:30 AM, because I know someone is waiting for me (which is a huge deal because I am SO not a morning person!). We run two days during the week and on Sunday. Once my calves catch up, I’ll start adding in more days. The back of my legs hurt really bad, so we went and got fitted for proper running shoes. Jessica went with me Big Peach Running Co. I’m glad she went with or I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going on my own. As an overweight person, I don’t want to be the only fat person in an athletic store. I fear I’ll be judged, but I just have to get over that thinking and try anyway. To my surprise, they were really helpful and nice. They even showed me a new way to tie my shoes that’s more supportive on my ankles. I actually had a really fun time. They have a beginning runner class where they show you proper form and how to stretch. I am signing up for it.

I also went out and bought a foam roller for my calf pain. It really works! I feel like I can work through the pain knowing I have the foam roller to help with the pain after the run. I also got a water bottle that stays on my hand, supportive socks, and shorts. I never, ever, ever wear shorts, but it gets really hot by the end of our runs. Jessica bought us reflective wrist bands since it’s dark out when we run, and she brings her dog, Skipper, along with us. On our off days, I now find myself wanting to run! When I’m stressed out, I want to go run or exercise rather than devour a Big Mac. I know this won’t happen over night, but I’m finally seeing the changes in myself I’ve wanted to change.

I’m pretty proud of myself (and Jessica!). Jessica’s friend is joining us for the half marathon on Thanksgiving Day. We’re going to earn our turkey this year!

Check out the awesome new shoes!



4 thoughts on “Me? A Runner? Yes!

  1. I’m glad you’re going out there and trying running. I was overweight myself years ago. I lost the weight and managed the weight loss, and I can tell you that running was 50% of the secret (the other 50% having to do with food). Welcome to the world of running.

    • Thank you for your comment and for reading my entry. I love hearing about success stories. It really keeps me going. I think the food part will be more difficult for me to fix. I’m learning why I overeat and why I’m an emotional eater, so I can fix the source of the problem. What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack?

    • I am so proud of you for sticking to it. Can you believe it’s been two weeks already? I can’t wait for you to look back on this entry in November after we run a race! ❤

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