Breakfast is served.

It’s funny how quickly this blog has become a part of me. I start an awesome new job tomorrow, and I should totally be sleeping right now. I’d feel odd not posting before bed, though, so I am sneaking in a quick post (don’t tell anyone).

Lindsey and I worked out at LA Fitness again today. We did 30 minutes of cardio, and we also worked out our upper body. Oh man, it hurt! My upper body is definitely not as strong as my lower body. I enjoyed the work out, though. Afterwards, I even turned down an offer for Taco Bell. Now if you know me at all, you this is HUGE. I adore Taco Bell. I know, I know. Taco Bell is disgusting, but it’s so good at the same time. I never turn down Taco Bell… I’m going to level with you. When I first moved in with Lindsey, the very first place I mapped out was the nearest Taco Bell to our place. I think I’m finally getting a hang of this being healthy thing!

I also did some of my friend Dawn’s weekly food prep today. I made egg muffins for my breakfasts this week. Dawn has lost a ton of weight this past year, and I am going tell you all about her soon. She’s a total inspiration to me, and she has two e-books out to help with weight loss. This is her yummy egg muffin yumminess.



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