Working It Out

Guess what? My super cool roomie, Lindsey, got us a good deal on LA Fitness memberships today. After work, I went and worked out. When I walked in I felt anxious. I immediately walked into the restrooms to prolong actually going to exercise. I checked out the showers. I checked out the changing rooms. I checked out the showers again. Finally, I realized I had to go work out. I did thirty minutes on the elliptical, and I did ten minutes on the stair climber machine thingy (what the heck is it called?). Before I left, I spent a few minutes in the sauna.

Once I actually got on the machines, I didn’t really care what anyone thought of me. I think I’ve outgrown what people think of me. Or I realized I’ll be judged no matter what I do, so I might as well do the best thing for me. Honestly, the thirty minutes on the elliptical was pretty difficult after the… the first two minutes. Seriously, I really had to focus and get into my music to keep going. Once I got to fifteen minutes, it got easier in a weird way. I just wanted to reach the thirty minute mark. And I did!

I’m looking forward to trying the other machines, and I’m going to try out some of the classes.

Go me.

P.S. The roomie also said my arms look smaller. She’s a keeper. πŸ™‚


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