The Best Part of Working Out?!

The best part of working out is the comfortable work out clothes! I get to wear comfy pants and t-shirts and not feel like a slob. Sign me up for that!!!

This is the sports bra I wear. I bought it on sale for half off, and it totally keeps everything from bouncing all over the place. Plus, it’s super pretty!

sports bra

LuLuLemon work out pants also keep my tummy from bouncing up and down while I run and jog. I know it sounds gross, but it happens in other pants I wear. When I tried out Crossfit, I really wished I had worn my LuLu pants. They will also hem them for you, and they offer free yoga. One day, I’ll own one of their sweaters. They look so comfy. I’d probably shower in it!

Seriously. I would.


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