Me? A Runner?

I ran today! I didn’t feel winded after my first mile, so I sprinted on and off for my second mile at the park. This is huge for me. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a runner. When I see someone jogging on the sidewalk, I feel like they belong to some special club. Or I think they look happy and healthy, and all they need to be happy are some workout clothes and running shoes. To me, running seemed so mysterious and so out of touch. I’d say, “I could never do that. I’m too out of shape” I never wanted to look silly getting winded so easily in front of other people. But today, I just had my head phones on and felt the music. If I felt embarrassed, I’d just run with my head down until I passed that group of people. But guess what? I did it! 

I also logged my food today and came in under budget.

Here’s a snapshot of my day and of the awesome park nearby.




2 thoughts on “Me? A Runner?

  1. This is great Kim! I too feel the way you do about how people judge you for being overweight and it totally sucks! Just know YOU are the only one that can make the changes you want. No one can take that away from you. It’s all about choices. I have always wanted to run or jog but never did because of my chest size….I suppose that is just MY excuse and not a very good one…Keep up the great work and remember IT’s ALL UP TO YOU!!

  2. I hear ya. A good sports bra makes a world of difference. I bought one on sale at LuLu Lemon a few years back. Their clothes are expensive, but they really “hold in” everything you need held in. They also last forever. Also, Oprah endorsed this sports bra that clasps a bunch of times in the front. She swears by it!

    Thank you for the motivation!

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