Public Enemy #1

This darn container of sugar and calories has been calling my name all day. Ice cream is my enemy! See, I work from home right now. If my day gets stressful, it’s super easy to just go eat some ice cream. On top of that, I could ice cream in the morning, in the evening, in the shower, in a lake… I adore ice cream. I put off getting up for a snack, because I didn’t feel hungry. I just wanted to eat my stress away. I also had some water to make sure I wasn’t thirsty. As the afternoon went on, I made myself a healthier snack.


I froze Greek yogurt, sliced bananas, and added peanut butter in a bowl. I mashed up the bananas, and it was a yummy, satisfying snack with a good amount of protein. I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt. I just used what I had in the house, but it would have been super yummy with nuts or granola added on top. The best part is I am not craving ice cream anymore. This will keep over until I am back from my walk. I won’t feel like eating a huge meal when I get home, because I waited to eat dinner. Also, I ate this with a small spoon. It sounds silly, but it feels like there’s more in there!


What’s a healthier version of a common treat you make at home? Or do you know how I could have made this even healthier or yummier?

Yes, I said yummier. 😛


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